Your conference registration options are to:
1) Register and pay online (Use Internet Explorer to fill in online)—OR—

2) Register by mail by sending the registration form along with a check (made payable to LASD Conference) to:

Elsa Mendoza
201 Raymond St.
Lafayette, LA 70503

Please note only checks are accepted by mail and credit card payment is accepted online only.

Cancellation: $60 conference fee is non-refundable.

You will be asked to provide the following information to complete registration:

Conference Fees
$60.00 Members
$85.00 Non-Members

$225.00 Single Occupancy Room & Board (includes 5 meals)
$165.00 Double Occupancy Room & Board (includes 5 meals for each)
$80.00 Commuters (includes 5 meals)

Annual Dues and Donation to Scholarship Fund 

$25.00 Annual Membership Dues (Membership dues go from July 1—June 30.)
Optional donation to Sr. JoAnn Viviano, rc, Memorial Scholarship Fund